About Urban Tiger

About brand

The URBAN TIGER brand was created in Russia, in Saint Petersburg, on the basis of the largest clothes manufacturing holding company. Our developments in the field of technology allow to, feel even more advantages with URBAN TIGER clothing. Perfect cut, 100% quality of tailoring, wear comfort and innovative materials. Number 1 for those who appreciate freedom of movement and sport in all its manifestations.

Sports does not end in the gym, but goes far beyond its scope, creating a lifestyle and the possibility of expressing your personality. Clothes for professional sports:

  • mountain-skiing and snowboarding,
  • classes in the gym,
  • clothing for active tourism
  • Progressive water repellent treatment
  • Bicomponent breathing membrane of a new generation
  • Absolute hermetization of seams
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Reflective elements
  • "Active light" technology
  • Magnetic buttons on fasteners
  • Anatomic cut for complete freedom of movement
  • Extra pockets for glasses, gloves and electronic gadgets
  • Additional ventilation
  • Convenient location of pockets

URBAN TIGER – everything is sport

I like to start each day with this phrase, for me it's not just empty words. The dynamism of my actions, openness to the world, my sense of a fast rhythm of life. Sport for me is a way of thinking, my style and what inspires me.

I come to work and see how we create innovation, it's charged with air, it's charged by me. We all are not enough to change from the outside, we want to create them.

I look at our team, their burning eyes, the arguments in the struggle for the ideal and I'm pleased to realize that I'm in my place. My Brand is not just clothes, it's the desire of a huge number of people to make this world more modern, to give it even more, to open every day new faces of the future.

The progress team presents you with a unique Brand - URBAN TIGER.

Our clothes are:

Our clothes are my philosophy. This is my personal choice.

Choose not clothes, choose your present!